Where in the World is Joe LEVINE (stage name: Joe EVANS)?? #events #announcements

Marilyn Robinson

My maternal gr. uncle was Joseph LEVINE (Lurja-or another version of spelling), possibly born in Warsaw May 11, 1885. Joe was an entertainer--vaudeville (Western Vaudeville), song & dance, black-face, comedian. Joe's stage name was "Joe EVANS" & his dance partner was Jack Jacob FOX (he was from Illinois), their act was Fox & Evans. In 1932 Joe & his partner also leased a roller rink on Dietz St. in Oneonta, NY.
I have found announcements in a variety of entertainment publications 1908-1939. Fox & Evans traveled through the U.S., London, South Africa, Australia, & possibly other places as well. The last entertainment notice for Fox & Evans was from "Tivoli Theatres: Ephemera Collection Finding Aid" for a show, "The Big Fun Show", commencing 16 January, 1939 in Melbourne Australia. After that Joe seems to have disappeared. As far as I know, he was unmarried & without children. Perhaps Jack Fox was his life partner. I have checked for information on Ancestry, Fulton Postcards, entertainment publications, FamilySearch, Proquest, etc., but I can't find any death/burial or other information about Joe or Fox & Evans after January, 1939 (he would have been about 54 yrs. old at this time)--I wonder if he somehow got caught up in WWII???. Does anyone have any thoughts???

Thank you,

Marilyn Robinson

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