confused by hebrew translation of london synagogue married record. #translation #unitedkingdom

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The words above the name Simon Sheratski:  do they mean?

1. Shimon son of Zvi- a long life- Hersh Yosef

2.  Shimon son of Tzvi who is called Hersh Yosef 

What does that mean  " a long life -Hersh Yosef"? how is Hersh Yosef related to Shimon or Tzvi?          

and if its "who is called Hersh Yosef"  again how is hersh yosef related to Shimon or Tzvi.


Translations for brothers

Zussman and Gershon.    first, are those names correct?    second, Gershon is a first name, but i usually think of zussman as a last name not a first name?  


appreciate help in clarifying the above.   




arnold friedman

SHERATSKY   Poland    (Simon born 1880, Pretokov (from naturalization document), Poland

JACOBS  Poland


Sheratski  Simon Jacobs Dinah Marriage 1903 great synagogue Authorisation 31825.jpg

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