Re: The Alter Rebbe Schneur Zalman BORUCHOVITCH of Liadi, founder of Chabad #belarus #latvia #rabbinic #russia

Barbara Hemmendinger

Dear Ms. Osofsky,
In your research about early Chabad rebbes, have you come across any with the surname Basin?  My grandfather, born Abram Adolph Basin ~1891 in Starodub, Russia, was the descendant of individuals who were influential in Chabad at the yeshiva in that city, which was closed down by authorities in 1881-82.  My great-grandfather’s name was Solomon Basin.   A known tzadik, he was married to Raisa Kozachkov.  It’s possible, although I cannot document it, that they were related to Shneor Zalman Bassin whose son-in-law was Rabbi Yehoshua Nathan Gnessin of Pochep because of being in close geographic proximity.  I would appreciate whatever information you might have about Chabad rebbes in Starodub and nearby Pochep in addition to any named Basin.  Thank you.

Barbara (Elk) Hemmendinger 

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