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Regarding this and the other letter you posted today asking about the names.
I have a similar marriage registration, together with explanations of each question and answer in Hebrew and English from the UK. 
Are you sure that the name is Zussman?
The line underneath says Gershon yiyeh yibum. Yibbum  is a Levirate marriage, i.e. Shimon's brother Gershon will need to undertake a Levirate marriage.  A man whose brother died without children is obligated by Torah law to marry his brother’s widow. The brother and widow may relinquish these responsibilities by going through a form of divorce called chalitza.
I think that "a long life" would indicate that  Shimon's father Zvi is alive at the time. The certificate also tries to discern whether the bride's father is alive or not, in the line of her name, where it is written  מבי. I need to see a better quality of the certificate in order to translate what is written there.
I could translate more of the Hebrew for you, but the quality of the photographed document is poor and becomes worse when trying to enlarge it. If you could post a better quality photo I could help. 
Ann Belinsky

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