Re: VIEWMATE translation of Yiddish postcard (repost from 2005) #translation

Deb(orah) Cohen Skolnik

The folks who volunteer to translate for Viewmate have helped me very much in the past.  This is the first time there have been no responses to the request (well, technically the second time, since I tried back in 2005).  

I am referring to   
Viewmate 4126

It would help me immensely to know what problem there might be with this card.  Perhaps all the writing is crammed together and doesn't make sense?

Thanks again for helping me understand this particular situation -- and for all the translations I've had help with in the past.

Deb Cohen Skolnik
                         LIFSCHITZ/LIFSHITZ/LIPSCHITZ - Vitebsk, Minsk
                         KALMAN - Jahotyn/Jatyn/Yagotin/Yahotyn
                         ZOLOTUSHKIN - Jahotyn/Jatyn/Yagotin/Yahotyn
                         LANDE/LONDIN - Bialystok
                         GARBARZ - Mordy

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