Re: The Alter Rebbe Schneur Zalman BORUCHOVITCH of Liadi, founder of Chabad #belarus #latvia #rabbinic #russia


According to family lore (unconfirmed) my grandfather was a decedent of Shneur Zalman of Ladi.
There has been a complication in getting any history. My grandfather emigrated to South Africa and apparently changed his name to become more anglicized. His name was apparently Schneerson but he changed it to Salmenson. I can find no record of either name in Russia.

GF Herman Israel Salmenson,  Yisroel Tzvi ben Rabbi Levi Yitchok (?Salmenson/Schneerson), born in Kovno Russian Empire 1877. I do have a photograph apparently taken with his sister in Vilna.
He married Jennie born Beares (Shayneh bas Yisroel Yidel) born 1881 Rokiskis.
I am not sure if the connection was to Shneur Zalman or to his wife. I know my grandfather had one sister but I suspect there must have been other siblings.
If any of this information sounds familiar I would love to hear about it. I would appreciate the database. Thanks.

Herman Salmenson

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