Re: Question about genetic groups on My Heritage & Ancestry #dna #sephardic

R Jaffer

With luck of the DNA lottery, availability of historical records that allow you to create a tree, and knowledge of women's birth names if the match is through a woman, I have learned that it is possible to find cousins up to 5th cousins once removed. I have one Jewish match that I can prove to the mutual ancestor being my 3rd gg born c 1775 and died in 1840 in Khotin, Bessarabia. On FTDNA my match shares 105 cM with a long string of 43. For the same person MyHeritage reports 85.9 cM with a long string of 42.7 cM. Jewish matches are generally limited to about 4th cousins due to the lack of surnames before c 1800 and a lack of historical documents. 

For the Christian side of my family which arrived in the US in the 17th and 18th centuries and for whom there are surnames in that time frame, I have two matches to the same MRC ancestor, a 4th gg who lived c1705-1767. For one match I share only one segment, but it is 105 cM long. For the other 5th cousin once removed we share only 45 cM with a long string of 16 cM. I have other matches to this same gg, but early documents, i.e. birth/baptism, are missing to prove the direct descendancy and our relationship. I also have a paper trail for a cousin who shares my 5th gg who lived c.1720-1783, but that is only because they were Quakers for whom there are great marriage and birth records available online. We share only 32 cM and a long string of 14 cM. I only found this cousin because he had listed an extensive list of surnames with places, and I was searching based on surnames rather than shared DNA or length of segments.

If historical records are available for your family and you have an extensive tree, test cousins or aunts and uncles to help with the DNA inheritance issue for better luck in finding cousins.

Roberta Jaffer
searching for Weinberg, Freedman, and Konop from Khotin District of Bessarabia, now Moldova and Ukraine

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