Lecture: "The Jews of Iran" on February 7th #announcements

Stanley Diamond

I am pleased to share this link, part of a lecture series sponsored by my synagogue in Montreal.

Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.   
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

Due to the overwhelming response,
this event will be moved from Zoom to YouTube Live.

Please click the YouTube LIVE link below to join the Speakers Series.

Joseph Imani was born in Akhora, Iran in 1948. He moved to Israel in 1967 and attended Technion University where he studied electrical engineering. Joseph finished his degree in 1972 and then worked as an engineer for 5 years in Israel. Joseph, his wife, and his daughter moved back to Iran in 1976.

However, after Khomeini's revolution broke out in 1979, Joseph and his family made the tough decision of trying to escape Iran with his wife and 2 children. After getting caught by the revolutionary guards and spending 6 months in jail, he was freed only after promising never to escape Iran again. However, wanting to provide a better life for his family, they attempted to escape again in 1985, and this time were successful.

After a couple of years of searching for a new place to live (going through Turkey, Switzerland, and Italy) Joseph and his family ended up in Toronto in 1987. Since then, he worked as a professional engineer in the electronic industry. He received 2 degrees from the University of Toronto in engineering management and project management.

While in Toronto, Joseph has been an active member in the Persian Jewish community organizing events for the Persian Jews. Joseph lives in Toronto with his wife, 3 kids and 9 grandchildren.
Shaare Zion Congregation
5575 Cote Saint Luc Road
Montreal, QC H3X 2C9

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