Lichtenstein Warsaw and some later Radom, Poland, Russian Empire #poland

Mark Stone

Dear Jewish Gen Groups,


The family name changed from Lichtenstein to Stone around 1920 after the First World War, as it was very difficult, at that time in England, to have a name that sounded German. My grandfather Mordka Pinkus Lichtensztajn b.13th April 1883 came to London c. 1905 from Warsaw with wife Yette nee Pudelow and one daughter.


His father Chaim a second son b.1832, buried Okopowa, WARSAW, November 1913


His older brother Ajzyk Lajb Lichtensztajn, b. 1831, buried Okopowa, Feb 1909, known as Rabbi Yitzhak Yehuda


Their father, my great, great, grandfather, Szaja Nuta Lichtensztajn b. c. 1792 died 27th January 1857 Warsaw, known as Rabbi Yeshaya Natan.


My father told me that we came from a family of Rabbi’s well over sixty years ago. Only since the burial records have been available has it been possible to confirm!


I have been trying to make a family tree for the majority of my life.


I have much of the family on record, but although sure of my 2nd great grandfather, I have problems with going back and knowing each family and being sure on how they fit.


I have never been able to find out about, what must have been a quite well known Rabbinical family in Warsaw, and furthermore I was informed by my late father that we were somehow connected to the small Principality between Switzerland and Austria and Germany. Having been to the Museum in Vaduz, I suspect it probably goes back to

Czech-lands somewhat earlier.


Everything I was ever told was always correct, but I cannot trace this. Years before my father was born, he was told as a child, that his father went to the United States, because he was having difficulty in making a living in London. He did not stay, but imagine for me,  the thrill on finding Marks Lichtenstein on Ellis Island website!


There are repeating names in the tree Chaim, Mordka, Abraham, Pinkus,  Pinkus Michel, Abram and Golda Szyfra.


It makes for terrible confusion!


Can anyone help me!


With very kind regards


Mark Paul Stone (Jewish Gen Member for many years)


P S  During lockdown I spent one complete night reading through the Lichtenstein contributors on Jewishgen, but to no avail. Even Covid-19 does not help!



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