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Ozzy Bernstein


This has 2 parts. I've recently discovered that my great grandfather immigrated to Palestine in the 1890s from Iasi, Romania. Though I may have found a record of his parents in the JewishGen database, I could not find a record of himself. His surname was Vecsler and his first name was Noach - I'm not even sure how that would be written in Romanian to be quite honest.
Does anyone here know of any other online resources be it databases or by email request, for Iasi or the surrounding areas of Romania between 1865 and 1900? I know there is a online portal for the Arhives Le Nationale of Romania but I cannot figure out how to set up a user account.
Secondly, I have searched for resources on late 1800s immigration to Israel - after 1885 for sure - but wasn't fruitful. Does anyone know of any place in specific that would have these archives. It would be immigration papers under Ottoman rule. All I know is that my grandfather got married after he came to Palestine, that his father's name was Moses and that he studied in the Kollel Romania-Bucharest in Jerusalem through 1921. He died in 1935.

Thank you.

Ozzy Bernstein

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