Re: Question about genetic groups on My Heritage & Ancestry #dna #sephardic

Jill Whitehead

The K36 analysis I had conducted (very cheaply) by a specialist group about a year ago from an European supplier identified the mix of possible groups in my ancestry, and as Kevin says they can be very diverse over time.  This does depend on the reference groups used and available, though. My own analysis showed a similarity in my DNA  to a mix of peoples such as the Belmonte Crypto Jews of Portugal, Romaniate from Thessalonika, Berbers in North Africa and groups in the Babylonian/Caucasus areas (both my direct mtda line and my brother's direct line YDNA are said to originate from the Babylonian/Caucasus areas). This is not a well developed science as yet, and such analyses can only give you indications of ancestry. But it is more defined than the info provided by the main DNA companies. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

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