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Hi Deborah, 

The Hebrew text of Ricka's epitaph sheds light on Levi's name. It says that she is the wife of Yehuda Hess.
His English name is Levi and although Levi is a name derived from the Bible it is not his Hebrew name.

This is actually a common pattern. Ashkenazi Jews used to have next to their Hebrew name a Yiddish  name where there was a commonly accepted connection between both names. Since the Bible compares Judah, Jacob's son, to a lion, the Yiddish equivalent was based on Loewe, Leib...

In the US, it is often found that German Jews named Judah-Loewe chose Levi as English name. The most famous was Levi Strauss.
This is the same story for Levi Hess.
He passed away three years after his second wife and was not around anymore to inform that his Hebrew name was Judah. This is how on his grave he appears as Levi in the Hebrew text as well  

Best regards,

Laurent Kassel 
Moreshet, Israel 

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