Re: Need help translating Hebrew on gravestones & memorial plaques #translation #canada

Leya Aronson

The first two plaques are for the same person. In the first, his name is written in Yiddish as TEVYA. On the second, it is written in the Hebrew as TUVIA. Date of death in Hebrew is the 18th of Shvat, 5738.

The first tombstone is for Joseph
YOSEPH DAVID son of  BEN-ZION the COHEN died the 19th of Tammuz, 5720

The second tombstone for Mortimer
The Young man [unmarried] MOSHE son of DAVID YOSEPH, died the 30th of Kislev, 5708
The final one is for 
RASHKA the daughter of DAVID, died the 17th of Nissan, 5717 [which is the 3rd day of Passover]

Hope this helps,

Leya Aronson
Toronto, Canada

Hope this helps.

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