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Yitschok Margareten

I'll explain the Hebrew words that cause confusion. 

1. The groom's name: 
ר' שמעון בן' צבי המ' הירש יוסף 
The המ' is the abbreviation for המכונה, which means "who is called", this is mandatory in a Jewish contract for a person who is called with a nickname. Although this document is not a legal Jewish contract, it follows the rules of the Ketuba [marriage contract], as you can see the mentioning that the bride is a virgin and she is coming from her father's home (see further). 

2. The brother's name Zussman:
Although Zussman is more commonly known as a family name, I do know people who are named Zussman as thier first name. 

3. The words following the brothers' names:
יהיו עה"ח 
עה"ח is the abbreviation for על החתונה, the meaning of these words is "will be at the wedding", which corresponds to the question "will attend wedding". 

4. The line after the bride's name:
מבי אבוה 
Means that she comes from her father's home. This is mentioned in the Ketuba regarding dowry. If the father is alive and he is paying her dowry, מבי אבוה [from her father's home] is written, otherwise מבי נשא [from the woman's home] is written. 

I hope this clarifies all confusions. If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. 

Yitschok Margareten

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