Looking for descendants of the Trugman Family #ukraine

Helen Nash May


It has been a number of years since I posted and I am hoping that someone new may have joined us and will see this.  My grandfather, Samuel Trugman left Volochisk, Ukraine in 1910.  He left his mother (Nachama Baran), two sisters and a brother there.  In 1942, they were evacuated to Kamyshlov ahead of the Nazis.  We know his mother died upon arrival but the rest survived. I have received Red Cross documents showing such.

The last contact we had with them was with one of the unmarried sisters living in 1962 in  Vinnytsia in western Ukraine. The postcards we received then did not show an address but rather a post office box. 

My problem is that his sister Rivka (married surname unknown) had a son named Izzya born 1930 and his brother Max a daughter named Eda.  Therefore surnames were lost when they married. We know that Eda married someone named Boris  who might have fought in the war and was probably killed during it.....but no other information. Eda Trugman, Rose Trugman (Max’s wife) and Blema Trugman (unmarried sister were living in in the same building in Vinnytsia and were in ill health.  My mother remembered stories that there was a son (not sure if it was Izzya) who became an engineer and lived far away...

I have no idea if anyone is still alive and if so, it would probably not be their generation... but if anyone has any idea of how I might proceed, I would greatly appreciate it.

Helen Nash May
New York
Volochisk, Ukraine : Trugman, Pertzelai/Pertzelai/Persily/ Shilman/Shulman, Baron/Baran
Lvov: Noschkes, Fetter/Vetter, Messing, Landes
Buchach, Ukraine: Landes, Eisner, Grabstein
Germany: Sichel, Mai/ May, Alexander
England: Daughter of Sabine “Famchein” Rosenthal

If anyone can offer any help in finding them or might realize a distant relative I would greatly appreciate hearing from them.

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