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David Harrison

Camp Westerbork had been built by the Dutch to house the Jewish refugees from Germany that had managed to get out of Germany before the war,   They were all there for the Germans to take away at once and they then used it as their collection camp.  After WW2 the camp was later used to rehouse Jews returning to The Netherlands because in that hard winter many of the empty houses in the Jewish quarter of Amsterdam had been raided for their timber floors and stairs to be used as fuel to keep the resident locals alive,   By the time all these had been rehoused the camp was in use to house Dutch people back from their erstwhile colonies that were now gaining independence.  After that era the site was partly cleared for the Dutch international micro-wave base,  This is now shared by a very good Holocaust exhibition with photos of the site erc.
David Harriison, Birmingham GB (or UK)

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The Dutch site War Lives included the transport lists of Camp Westerbork. Camp Westerbork was the main transport camp in World War ll in the Netherlands from where Jews, Roma, Sinti, homosexuals and other persecuted people were transported to the death camps of Eastern Europe.

Camp Westerbork was the final transport camp to Auschwitz for Anne Frank.












Some have information on name, date of birth, where captured, concentration camp and date of death and have photographs. Where available there are links to documents  There are over 361,000 entries.


War Lives is in both Dutch and English and can be accessed at:


Thank you to Yvette Hoitink and her Dutch Genealogy Blog for informing us about this information.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


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