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Ozzy Bernstein

Hi all,

I was speaking to an older relative lately and he gave me names, or pronunciations of names, at best, of towns my ancestors lived in. My great great great grandfather - his grandfather - was apparently born in Stryy in then Lviv. He died in Kryva. His wife died in Berezovo. His daughter in law's father was buried in Czechovitz (?) and his son lived in Trebisov, Slovakia. His son was born in Rzeszow.

When I put these places into Google Maps nothing seems to make sense. Can someone help me figure out the correct towns that make sense geographically because I think I may have towns with the same names but not the same place.

His birthplace Stryy is 209km from his death place, Kryva. His wife's death in Berezovo is 63km from Kryva - that is conceivable. But it is also 149km from Stryy - a bit less conceivable. His son's living place in Trebisov is yet another 193km from Berezovo. His daughter in law's father's death in Czechowice is 610km from Berezovo so I think I can definitely rule out Czechowice as being Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland. His son's birth in Rzeszow is 326km from his wife's death in Berezovo and 380 from Kryva.

Hoping to map out these towns properly and find their proper geographical stations. Rzeszow is defintely a town less than 50 or so km from Sighetu. Kryva and Berezov make sense as well. Everything can be sorted out slightly if I figured
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