The name "Alter" #poland #names

Joseph Hirschfield

This is from Jewish Personal Names by Rabbi Shmuel Gorr:

"Alter is one of the amuletic names. If a male child died soon after birth or very young, the next born male child was sometimes given the name Alter alone, or in combination with another name. The parents, in giving the name, expressed their prayer that the newborn child should live to be an old man."
Joe Hirschfield
Portage, MI USA
Minoff, Minowitzki, Minowicki--Brest Livovsk, Wysoka_-Litovsk BELARUS
Hirschfeld, Herzfeld, Hirszfeld, Toppermann,Buxbaum, Buchsbaum--Skwarzawa, Gliniany, Sielec Bienkow-GALICIA

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