Re: searching for family #dna

Alicia Weiss

DNA Detectives.

 There are also adoption "search angels" who will assist with searches for bio-parents, for example:
The good news is that because only one of your biological parents was Ashkenazi Jewish, your DNA analysis will be less plagued by the effects of endogamy and  shared matches with your maternal and paternal lines should be easy to distinguish.  And as Sarah says, do some  the traditional/documentary  research on the names on your birth certificate, but remain flexible in your thinking if the DNA does not support those being the correct names.   Ideally, you want to find the most recent common ancestor among your matches on each side, then work forward to more recent generations to identify individuals who were in the right place at the right time to be your biological parent. The best of luck to you.

Alicia Weiss
Researching: WEISS/WEISZ Szecseny, Hungary; KUNDLER, Kaposmero/Kisvarda/Gyongyos/Budapest, Hungary; POLLAK, Kaposmero/Csurgo, Hungary;PRESSMAN/PRESEISEN, Kiev, Ukraine; GOLDFELD, Russia; Dufine/Dufan/Dufayn, Orgeev Moldova/ Tuchin Ukraine; MAUTHNER/MAUTNER, Szecseny, Hungary, HEMPEL/HAMPEL, Poland.

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