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Phyllis Kramer

Joseph Walder posted:

<<My WALDER ancestors came >from the village of Narol, now in southeast
Poland near the Ukraine border. I have been unable to determine whether
there are any Jewish vital records for Narol. I suspect that if there are,
they are consolidated with records of a larger town, but which town that
might be remains a mystery. If anyone has succeeded in finding vital
records for Narol, please pass along where you found it. Many thanks.>>

Joseph... I went to RTR foundation and found only immigration and voter
lists in the Polish archives. Depending on the dates, they may be of
interest to you.

I tried the LDS catalog too. They have a microfilm on Narol school
records, which might be accessible at a local family history center.

The Polish state archives (Pradziad database) lists Narol birth, marriage
and death records -- Catholic and mostly >from the 1800s. See

When I queried Narol on JewishGen's community pages and checked the
nearby towns, the biggest Jewish town nearby was Tomascow Lubelski.

When I checked Gesher Galicia's database, there were also records for
Narol, and the town locator showed the administrative district as
Cieszanow and the Jewish administrative district as Lipsko (town 1 mile

I tried JewishGen's country database and saw a few records. Also many
interesting links on the "search website" (under the about us oval). But
best, many on JRI-Poland. There are no blocks of town records for Narol,
but many for folks >from Narol but living elsewhere. I actually saw a birth
record in Olesycze in 1903 for Aron Leiser Walder, son of Maks >from Narol.

And a great source... Google. Look at google for Narol + genealogy + Jewish.

Have you thought of creating a KehilaLinks page and asking the other
researchers (>from the JewishGen FamilyFinder) if they have anything to
contribute? That worked for me a little further south... Krosno, Dukla,
Nowy Zmigrod, Rymanow, Rohatyn, Dubiecko, Strzyzow, Jasienica. Many
folks sent me interesting material >from the towns which I added to the pages.

By the way, I am working on a course in Galician Research (target third
quarter) to review history, records and the many sources on the internet;
this would include one on one assistance for a chosen Galician branch.

Hope this helps.

Phyllis Kramer, New York City, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla
V.P. Education, JewishGen Inc:

Researching (all Galicia)
... KRAMER, BEIM >from Jasienica Rosielna
... SCHEINER, KANDEL >from Strzyzow & Dubiecko
... LINDNER, EICHEL >from Rohatyn, Burstyn
... STECHER, TRACHMAN >from Nowy Zmigrod, Dukla
Family web site:

MODERATOR NOTE - Links to the great sources that Phyllis explored:

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Gesher Galicia's Galician Town Locator

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

JewishGen Communities Database

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JewishGen Poland Database

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Pradziad Database (Polish State Archives)

Routes to Roots Foundation

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