Narol on Family Search #galicia

Jessica Skippon <jskippon@...>

I go to the greater group with some hesitation because I am not
experienced enough with Family Search to breeze through it, but
recently I have attended two lectures at the Society of Genealogists
here in London on the LDS online collection and I'm still struggling to
make it work for me.

1. Go to Open a free account in order to access
the digital images. You don't need to enter any family information but
you do need an account to access the digital data.

2. Back on the home page, >from the bar across the top choose
'Search', then 'Catalog.'

3. Enter the name of the town - Narol, in this case - and two
choices come up. I checked the correspondence and choose the
second one, Cieszanow.

4. Three records come up. Do play with them a bit but eventually
for each you will get a page with an icon. That icon says whether the
document has been filmed (a camera). If it has been closed for some
reason, there will be a key above the camera which says it has
restricted access.

5. Unfortunately the Jewish Community Regulations 1897 are
closed access.

6. The records for the Roman Catholic Church (1818-1900) are also
restricted access.

7. More luck on the final, but least useful, listing - school records
1915-1952. There are 19 films available on open digital access.

The LDS is giving up their film library and making all films available
digitally, with an index where possible. In the past you could order a
film to be sent to your local LDS Family History Library. That is no
longer the case, but the good news is that you can go to the Help link
and ask that the film be digitalised. The order is free and prioritised.

When there are several listings for the same town, do not stop at the
first listing but check each of them. They will be different, although it
may not look that way >from the catalog. Further suggestions >from
other users on their experiences would be very welcome.

Jessica Skippon, London

MODERATOR NOTE: Although not accessible >from home, the Jewish
Community Regulations, like many of Family Search's restricted
images, can be viewed at a Family History Center or a Family Search
affiliate library. Locations worldwide are shown here:

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