Need help finding Documents of Russian family. #ukraine #russia


I recently learned that I am of Russian-Jewish ancestry (my father was adopted into the SHANKLIN family when he was a toddler, and we've just recently learned who our biological family was).  I've been able to track his family to librarian/historian named ADOLPH SIGMUND OKO.  According to his U.S. naturalization papers from 1921, he was born in RUDKOV (I've also seen "KHARKOV"), RUSSIA on January 5, 1883; his father was TEBEL OKO.  Luckily, there seems to be plenty on ADOLPH as he was seemed pretty respected.

This is where I seem to have hit a wall as I cannot find anything for his mother (MIRIAM ?) or TEBEL OKO.  Does anyone happen to know where I might be able to find more information?  Or has anyone come across this family in their own search?

Tyler Shanklin

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