Re: Found Konslawa, Galicia - not the real name!!! #poland #galicia

Arthur Sissman

Thanks to all that responded, but the researcher who told me about this palce Konslawa, Galicia supplied me with the info to find the answer. Konslawa, Galicia = Kaclowa, Poland.  The short version of how I found this out is below!

I received a message on JGFF from a person who stated the following: Her father was _____________ born in Konslawa, Galicia.   We exchanged messages and the other party decided there was nothing to pursue.  But I was curious if Konslawa was very far from Toplcany Slovakia where my _____ family is from.  So I went to town finder in JewishGen to find this place Konslawa. Nothing. To the Gazetteer. Nothing. 
I sent the message to JewishGen Discussion group, that you saw.
Also asked the other researcher for more info and got this: Konslawa has a number of spellings. On Google maps it is Konclawa and is just south of Grybow, which is about 100 miles south east of Krakow. I think my father in law's birthplace was registered as Grybow. It is in Poland.  
You will notice that he still did NOT give me the exact name of the town!  I have to go to Google maps and follow his directions. Krakow>Grybow>100 miles SE = Kaclowa, Poland.
When I put Kaclowa Poland in JGen = No hits. Kaclowa, Poland in the Gazetteer gets:
(Native names in BOLD)
Feature Type Coordinates
(Click for JewishGen Resource Map)
Map Country Distance/Direction
from reference point
10 mile radius
Kąclowa populated place 49°36' N 20°58' E G Poland 183.6 miles S of Warszawa 52°15' N 21°00' E
 Exactly where he described.
A google search of this spelling gives this .  

Thanks again to all who send replies to this site and me personally!!
Arthur Sissman
Jewish Genealogy SIG of Naples/Collier Co FL

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