Background information for Henri ACQUADRO and Charles ACQUADRO #names #records

Jim Caradonio

I am researching my mother's family surname-- ACQUADRO--- who came to the US from Pralungo, Piedmont (Northern Italy). 
(The 3-volume work of Dr. Renata Segre, The Jews in Piedmont (1297-1798), is a rich resource. I also recommend The Guide to Jewish Italy by 
Annie Sacerdoti), Several years ago the Simon Wiesenthal Foundation conducted a process to locate the descendants of Italian Jews
whose funds the Nazis had seized and deposited into accounts in Swiss banks. One of my cousins (now deceased) received the information
from the Foundation. The Foundation provided a list of the names of the individuals who had their assets stolen and deposited. At the top
of the list were Henri ACQUADRO and Charles ACQUADRO. At the time I was not engaged in genealogical activities. I now would  like
to learn more about where Henri and Charles lived. Did they die in concentration camps? It appears that their first names are French. (for example,
did they live in Aosta, Italy where French and  Italian are spoken?) I would like to know if there is someone at the Wiesenthal Foundation who could
assist with my request. Or are there other sources that I should contact?

Be/stay well,

Jim Caradonio
Agawam, MA



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