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Hello Everybody                                                  11th February  2021

As someone who was born and grew up in Hungary, please allow me to express how I feel about the Hungarian song: you mention
I visited Nagykallo   the Burial place of the  Kaleve Tzaddik   more than once --

In my perception, it is indeed could be the

" Szol a kakas mar  majd  meg virrad mar.
Kek erdoben  zold mezoben  setal  egy madar, de micsoda madar etc. 

Amit a Jo Teremto megigert/    whatever our  almighty G promised will be fulfilled 

I wonder, if I may mention: The  symbolical meaning of the song -of the
Szol a kakas mar--is extremely powerful.--for all of us who unwaveringly believe in the Torah 

" In my understanding, the sky opens up for a split second  sometimes at dawn --the  'special cock'  crocks in that very powerful moment when our wishes could reach?  be listened to ?  be granted?

Szol a  kakas mar  was/is  a song, from generations to generations :
in a way --from the cradle to the grave--and eternal song--

To my knowledge it is actually on you tube --the English translation varies a bit.

This is the song, which was sung by the present Kaleve Rabbi on the riverbank of the River Danube--Budapest
Remembering the Holocaust,
when the our Jewish brethren were ordered to take their shoes off ---and shut-- falling into the river Danube

There were /are some other famous Hungarian songs : like the Yiddishe Mumma etc.

Best wishes to Everybody at Jewish Gen

Kind regards
Veronika Pachtinger
London UK

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