Re: Brooklyn Street name #usa

Joel Weintraub

Just an aside.  I noticed that on this thread there was one post that used our One-Step list of 1900 Brooklyn street names on our census Unified Tool.  Another post used our street name change tables on the One-Step site (  I've put there resources for over 250 U.S. cities, some from tables we created ourselves and some that are links to existing websites that show old/new street name changes.  We don't have much really on Broooklyn but I'm always looking to add to our city resources.  Now if you look at Queens (first pick New York City, then Queens on the street name page) we not only have extensive tables on street name changes, but also tables on renumbering.  I explain our street name resources on my YouTube channel, "JDW Talks", on the video titled "Resources For U.S. Street Name & Number Changes With An Emphasis On The 1950 U.S. Census " at


Joel Weintraub
Dana Point, CA

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