Researching A Whole Jewish Community to Better Research Your Ancestors #events

Ellen Beller

Researching A Whole Jewish Community to Better Research Your Ancestors


Speaker: Deborah Glassman 
Sunday • February 21 2021 

10 AM to 12 PM Mountain Time on Zoom


9:30 AM A Schmear, A Schmooze, and Share
Program Begins at 10 AM



Doing everything right in genealogy – using all of the records, tracing all siblings, working from known to unknown – still has one major limitation. You dont know which other people, not in your known family, will have records naming your family. When I started tracing all Jews from a shared heritage community, I found people who, when listing their destination parties or those left behind in the old country, named my relatives! I also found my ancestors named as beneficiaries to wills of childless relatives and as cousins in Russian Revision Lists. This is the very essence of genealogy. Getting more records to tell you more details on your family. I will show you how to do this on your own as well part of a collaborative effort to gather all records on a Jewish community.


Deborah Glassman’s Biography:

Deborah has been working on projects in Jewish genealogy, and Jewish history in the Russian Empire and in predecessor nations, since 1972.  Identifying and indexing record sources for whole-town research, is where she has specialized.  She has authored 8 books, created websites, and contributed to books and websites by others.

By examine each record on the thousands of Jewish residents of her towns of concentration, she has been able to discern patterns otherwise obscured when 

tracing one family at a time.  She loves helping others use all of the jurisdictional record impacting their Jewish heritage, more effectively.  


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