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Friedrich L.

Hello from Wertheim/Main, Germany,

I am searching descendants or relatives of a Jewish family who came from Belarus to the United States between 1900 and 1905. There is strong evidence that this family may be related to the Belarusian ancestors of my wife that I have been searching for decades. I am looking for people who would like to discuss details with me from their own knowledge of the family.

The family is from the Minsk area. The head was Bera (also Baer, Berill, Berel) Savin (Zavin) who had been trained as a rabbi in Minsk. He was born about 1852/53. In America he called himself Rabbi Dov Shapiro. His wife's name was Adyla Ruvin (also Rivin). Kapel Rivin, a sharecropper near Minsk, is given as her father. Bera had at least one younger sister, Chyena Golburt née Zavin.

The family settled in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa. The couple had seven children, six of whom were born in Russia, only the youngest daughter, Bertha, was born in Sioux City in 1908. The surviving names of the children are Chasha, Pearl, Monya (Morris), Tevel (Ted), Fannie, Betty, and Bertha.

Bera and his sons are said to have resided intermittently in Fallon County near Ismay, Montana, from 1911 until about 1916 or later, where they purchased and farmed land. Bera returned to Sioux City in the winter to earn money in the city. In 1919, his wife died in Sioux City from Spanish flu.

Bera then moved with his youngest daughter to New York, where his sister lived. Here he remarried. His second wife also seems to have died, because around 1930 he moved to Israel with daughter Bertha. He bought an orange grove in Bnei Brak and married for the third time. In 1938 his daughter married in Bnei Brak, but succumbed to cancer in the early 1940s. Her father died shortly before her or shortly after her.

This information comes from a tradition of a granddaughter of Bera. The only document known to me so far is Bertha's birth certificate from 1908.

Who can help me with information about this family?

Best regards
Friedrich Lehmkühler

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