Anyone knows the origin of my surnames? ''Moreira'' and ''Dudus''. #bessarabia #poland #romania #russia


Hello! I found something in the archives of this website about my both surnames ''Moreira'' (from mother) and ''Dudus'' (from father). I know the following: my father's father was born in Cetatea Alba in 1917, the document says it's Bessarabia, that became Romania later. Originally, Dudus was written Duduş (ş in latin alphabet). However, when my grandfather came to Brazil - around 1924, the immigration officers had writen his surname differently for his brothers documents: Dudush / Duduchi, and for him Dudus. About Moreira, it comes from the father of my mother, she doesn't know much about him only that this name is popular in Portugal, so maybe his family came form there. So please, does anybody know the deep roots of my both surnames? Any idea is appreciated. Thank you!
Natalie dos Reis Moreira Dudus
São Paulo, Brazil

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