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The printed hardcover version of the Gombin Yizkor book incorporates some new materials that were not included in the original Yiddish version published in 1969.  

I can now confirm that these new materials have also been added to the translation’s electronic version posted on the JewishGen Yizkor Books website: 

These are the added materials: 

Preface to the English translation - Explains the history of the translation project, pays tribute to the memory of translation coordinator Ada Holtzman, and includes individual acknowledgments by name (translators, Yizkor Books Project team, and donors). 

Additional Memorial Pages - Necrology notices submitted by families which did not have the opportunity of memorializing their relatives in the book’s original Yiddish version of 1969. 

 The German Occupation of Gombin - Translation of a report found in the Ghetto Archives of the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, describing conditions in Gombin during and immediately after the German occupation. 

Register of Gombiners who perished in the Shoah - Individual information about 2,249 Gombiner Jews who were murdered or are known to have died as a result of the genocidal policies and actions of the German Nazis during the Second World War in Europe. The online spreadsheet features details that are not included in the printed book, such as colors indicating the affiliation of individuals to specific family units. 

The Gombin Society’s Memorial Initiatives in Poland - Presents the Gombin Society as a new organization of descendants and describes its accomplishments in restoring the Jewish cemetery of Gombin and erecting a Gombin memorial monument at Chelmno extermination camp. 

Leon Zamosc - Coordinator, JewishGen translation of the Gombin Yizkor book 


Once again, the printed hardcover version of the Gombin Yizkor book is being offered by Amazon at the list price of $56.95, but it can be purchased directly from JewishGen at a discounted price of $32. These are the links: 



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