Re: Houses in Tarnopol area in early 1900s #galicia

Krzysztof Witaszek


Well, Tarnopol was a city and there are many pre-war pictures of it in
the internet. There are also some pictures of Trembowla. Mikulince
was a smaller city (3500 inhabitants, half of them Jewish), later just
a village (with the castle of Rey family - now in ruins, palace and a
baroque church- still present. I've found only one old photo, that
shows the houses in Mikulince in the internet.

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It is also good to look at the field museums in Poland, where you can
find typical houses >from the region. See for example this film >from the
"Skansen Galicyjski" in Sanok, where the architecture of typical small
city of Galicja is reconstructed.

There are also some interesting facts about jewish presence in
Mikulince in Slownik geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego
(Geographical Dictionary of the Polish Kingdom) created in the end
of XIX c. Very useful dictionary that covers all the cities and villages
of the territories of the First Rzeczpospolita (Commonwealth) (before
the partitions in the end of XVIII c ). Unfortunately not translated into

I translated a short part:
"Local wealthy Jews trade a lot in Mikulince and surrounding
cities like Tarnopol, Trembowla, Chorostkow, Strusow, Janow with
wheat, eggs, horses, cows and especially with hempen fibre, that
they buy in great amounts >from the local peasents and sell abroad.
Millions of eggs are shipped to Hamburg and England."

In the dictionary there are also given numbers of inhabitants of
different religions and numbers of representants of different

Krzysztof Witaszek
Lublin Poland

On March 23, 2018 Rishy Savin wrote:

I was wondering if anyone can tell me the type of homes and streets
that existed in Tarnopol but specifically Mikulince, Strusov and
Trembowla. Were the floors wood planked? Were the homes typical one
or two story? Were there outhouses? My grandmother was born in
Mikulince in 1909 and left in 1921. I never asked her specifics about her
home and physical surroundings there and now I'm curious.

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