Re: contact needed in Zhitomir re gravestone REYDMAN #ukraine

Molly Staub

Hi, My mother had a group of Gershman relatives who settled n Philadelphia and came from Zhytomyr. They attended all our Philadelphia celebrations, but I never knew how they were related. They were born from 1853 to 1901; the oldest name I've discovered was Leib/Louis. Is there a website or contact you might give me to learn more about this family of relatives? Also, I have another group from that area with the surname Chernivitsky (I know that's also a place name). In America, they changed it to Blackman/Schwartz. Don't ask me why -- maybe it sounded less Jewish to them? Thanks for any light you can shed, Molly Arost Staub. staubmolly@...
Boca Raton, FL
Researching in Ukraine:

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