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Stephan Owen Parnes

Dear Aaron,

The correct spelling of the Galitzianer name ״Ire״ is אורי.  For textual evidence of this, see the following 1901 letterhead of Rabbi Nuchim Ire Gellis נחום אורי געלליס (of Solotwina bei Stanislau):

Stephan Parnes
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On Feb 15, 2021, at 5:48 PM, Aaron Slotnik <aaronslotnik@...> wrote:

Hi Binyamin and Yitschok - Thank you for helpful replies.  The family was Galitzianer and Mendel/Max's oldest son's 1898 Jagielnica birth record is spelled 'Ire' presumably after Mendel's father.  Is there a standard/accepted spelling of the Yiddish name 'Ire' if not אירא?

Aaron Slotnik

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