Re: Searching database WWII evacuees, Lithuania #general #lithuania

Russ Maurer

Hello Miriam,
The database you found was created by LitvakSIG from lists found in the Central State Archive of Lithuania, abbreviated LCVA. The translation was done on-site, which means that LitvakSIG does not have its own images of the lists. The images may be purchased directly from LCVA. I suggest you inquire as to the cost, but I understand from the archive catalog that these lists have already been digitized, so the cost may be (should be) very reasonable. The archive email is lcva@.... You can write in English.

The specific files that you reference are described as follows in the online catalog, as translated from Lithuanian by Google (note that you transposed digits in the fond, it is correctly R-754):

LCVA/R-754/16: List of persons who evacuated from the Lithuanian SSR at the beginning of the German-Soviet war and settled in the Udmurt USSR

LCVA/R-754/21, 23, 24 (all have identical descriptions): Lists of persons evacuated from the Lithuanian SSR to the depths of the USSR at the beginning of the German-Soviet war

The lists are in Russian. Beyond that, we have no other information.

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator, LitvakSIG

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