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"When A person applies for a social security number they are asked a variety of questions including their parents names.  When the person dies and a claim is made against their social security either by a child (if under age) in the case of an early death or by a spouse then a "claim record" is generated,."

This is what happens now. When I got my Social Security Number, it was at the bank, where they had a roll of cards in a typewriter.  Genealogists should all be conscious that everything changes with time. My parents didn't email Social Security when I was born, as there was no email. I didn't get a Social Security Number when I was born, as children didn't need them. You ggrandfather (or whatever) signed up in the 1930s when it started.

Yes, parents' names were taken, as well as date of birth, although Social Security didn't assume that they had the right birth date; there was a long list of sources for birth information, generally the earliest record of the person in the US. My mother was born in Buffalo, and she had a birth record originally, but she sent her copy to Albany for her teaching certificate. There was a fire in City Hall, so Social Security had to use other information for her proof of age: the earliest US census with her in it.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

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