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I am fairly certain that I have found the correct arrival manifest for an ancestral cousin based on other documents but I'm having trouble deciphering what is on this one (2 pages) due to poor handwriting. You have to advance to the next page to see where he was going. Just follow line 14.  His name on the manifest is Mojsej Okun but he changed it to Louis in the US. In particular I am trying to ascertain the name and address of the person he was going to.  I think it says his uncle S Okun and he signed  my grandfather Simon Okun's death certificate as his nephew. The address is almost impossible to read and I'm not sure if by "New York" it means Manhattan or anywhere in NYC.

My grandfather Simon Okun was already in the US by then (Nov 19, 1913) but I have no record of him at such an address on that date. He married his second wife in early 1911. His address listed on the marriage certificate was 636 E. B Street.  However I can not find such an address although there is a 636 Ave B which is not too far from where the marriage was performed at 199 Eldridge Street, Manhattan. But Simon's Declaration for Naturalization was filed in February 1913 when he claimed to be a resident of Griffin Corners, NY. which doesn't seem to exist anymore.  I have it in my head that the papers were filed in Delhi, NY but I can't find the source for that at the moment. In the 1920 census he was in Catskill, Greene County, NY.  
My tree on Ancestry is June Genis Family Tree and is public.  A lot of the information on Simons Declaration was deliberately misstated to make it appear that his second wife's children from her first marriage were also his so all would be naturalized.
Here is a link to Louis/Mojsej's full gallery. I have found DNA cousins in Europe and Israel that I am sure he is related to but haven't been able to find his parents or how while all of those cousins trace to Rogachev, Belarus Simon claimed to have been born in Poltava, Ukraine. Any help in making sense of all this would be greatly appreciated. 
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