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Marilyn Golden

The Jewish Genealogical and Archival Society is having a special members only meeting.
Date: Sunday, February 21, 2021
Time: 1:00 pm Check-in, Chat, and Schmooze.
Official program starts promptly at 1:30
Guest Speaker: Miriam Weiner, Genealogist, Author and "Creator of the Consolidated Eastern European Archival Database”
In 1989, Miriam Weiner accepted an invitation from the Polish National Tourist Office to visit the Polish Archives in preparation for arranging genealogy tours to Poland. That visit led to a 30-year career working in the archives of Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Lithuania.
In 1991, The Jewish Week in New York, referred to Miriam as ” The genealogist who lifted the archival iron curtain” and in 1998, The Forward referred to her as “The Indiana Jones of pre-war polish Jewry”.
Topic: Updates at the rtrfoundation.org website:
Miriam Weiner Introduces New Surname Database with 2,000,000+ names at her Website!
From 30+ years of working in the archives of Eastern Europe, I have acquired hundreds of various document collections and have formed a close working relationships with archivists on all levels which continues to this day.
During the last 2 years, I have created a surname database (searchable via standard search and OCR search) which enables the researcher to access Holocaust name lists, vital records, census lists, school records, property lists, various telephone & business directories, most of which does not appear elsewhere online. Written permission was obtained from archivists, authors and institutions for me to create data files & publish this information.
The data entry is ongoing. Additionally, at www.rtrfoundation.org, a town name search can produce: 1: archive data for that town, 2: images of the town, and 3: link to street map of the town.
A surname search can produce 1: document results with that surname, 2: link to a street map, and 3: links to town images. All in a single search!
Miriam will walk us through and demonstrate her newly redesigned website https://www.rtrfoundation.org/index.shtml and the new searchable surname database using Standard Surname Search and OCR Search (Optical character recognition) https://www.rtrfoundation.org/lnintro.shtml.
You will be amazed at what material is currently available from Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Ukraine including images and maps from many of the towns Miriam has visited during her 30 years of working in the archives of Eastern Europe. The new website currently has over 200 collections and 1 million new documents with more being added daily.
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We host meetings every 3 weeks with expert speakers on a variety of topics. Our website has a lot of research information focusing on Philadelphia.

*On March 7th we will be hosting a BEGINNERS WORKSHOP with our genealogy wizard Joel Spector. More information will also be posted on our Facebook page.
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