JEWISH GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF TORONTO. Poland SIG Virtual Meeting. Jewish Cemeteries in Poland and the Pandemic – an Update Directly from Poland. Witold Wrzosinski. Thursday, 18 February 2021, at 7:30 pm. ET. #poland

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Poland SIG


Jewish Cemeteries in Poland and the Pandemic – an Update Directly from Poland

with Witold Wrzosinski, Director of the Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw, Poland



                                                               Thursday, 18 February 2021, at 7:30 pm. ET.

In recent decades, a huge increase of interest in the Jewish past has taken place in Poland and elsewhere in Eastern and Central Europe. It has taken many forms, ranging from thousands of private genealogy projects, to preservation and digitization efforts, to museums, TV shows and conferences, to a notable growth in heritage tourism.

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto and its Poland SIG will present direct from Poland Witold Wrzosinski to discuss his efforts in preserving our Jewish history by preserving our Jewish cemeteries. As the co-founder and co-director of the Foundation for the Documentation of Jewish Cemeteries in Poland, he has been indexing epitaph inscriptions from Polish-Jewish cemeteries for the last 14 years and run an open access, searchable online database with more than 110,000 photographs and transcriptions from more than 100 cemeteries.

Join us as we explore his efforts during COVID-19, especially in these trying times when travel is hardly possible and people rarely leave their homes. How do we even start finding the right people? What is the future of local projects already undertaken by descendants in cooperation with residents in dozens of remote Polish towns? Are Jewish cemeteries bound to deteriorate now for good? How are the relevant institutions in Poland dealing with this challenge? Let’s try to get answers.

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