Re: Divorce records #usa

Ina Getzoff

My husband's maternal grandparents divorced in 1943-his grandfather filed for divorce on their 33rd wedding anniversary in Manhattan. When I tried to get a copy of the divorce papers I was told I had to either get authorization from the two people involved-that was not going to happen since they are both deceased or wait 100 years after the divorce. It was never indicated to me whether or not it was 100 years after the initial filing or when it became final. In any case, what I did end up getting was a copy of the divorce index which you might be able to get from either the court or if there is a local records department in the Bronx. You can also try the Department of Records on Varick Street in Manhattan since the Bronx is one of the five boroughs. In the index I got the name of the two people involved, the date of divorce and the information about the attorney. There was no reason for the divorce listed even though I know that the reason. At that time the only reason for divorce , at least in New York, was adultery.

Good luck and hope this helps.
Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Florida

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