Question on Buchach cemetery list #ukraine

Helen Nash May

Hi All,

At the yearly convention held in NY around 2000, I came across a cemetery List for Buchach, Ukraine in the resource room. It was my first convention and you can imagine my surprise and thrill, when upon viewing it, I found a photo of the headstone of my great grandfather, Chaim Aaron of Buchach. His son, Herman’s stone was listed next to it but had fallen over and so was only photographed from the back. I am now wondering about my great grandmother, Chaya Eisner Landes’s headstone. I have found the excel list I had downloaded that day and realized that the next two pictures in the sequence were photographed but did not have any names. I have tried to locate the Buchach list again to see if I could view the photos but without names I got nowhere on the JOWBR site. Can anyone tell me if the list is available anywhere that I might be able to view it plus the photos that were taken with it? The photos were originally taken by Tom and Eric Weiss.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
Helen May
New York

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