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Archange Bousquet

Hi Carrie,

I am not sure Ellen got back to you about her  family  but I wanted to mention my husband's connection to Stawiski, Poland.
We have found two Stawiski mentions of his Urdansky/Jordansky family in the JRI Poland database:
1.His great great grandfather, Ick Lejba Jordanski died in Stawiski an 1877, No further information. I am trying to determine whether he is related to a large Jordansky family in the Stawiski area.
2. In that connection there is a Stawiski marriage in 1828 between Szejna Jordanska daughter of Abram Herszkowicz and an unnamed mother whose father was Enoch and Idzk Kuna born in Stawiski, son of Judka Szymkowicz Kuna and Ryfk Idzkowna. We don't know whether Szejna is related to my husband.

Please let me know if you   see a connection to  your families.
Best regards,
Jeanne Lurie) lurierj@...

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