Re: Are children named for living or dead relatives if one parent is Ashkenazi and one is Sephardic? #names

Mark Stone

Dear All and Joyaa,


The naming refers to parents and grandparents no doubt. I presume that this is more tradition than law. If anyone could clarify, if it is law, that it would be most appreciated.


On my father’s side, I do not see family named with anyone alive, in fact a great help when trying to put together a family tree and it definitely works.


At Okopowa cemetery in Warsaw you see great grandmother buried with stone readable and her name Charna. A short while later my uncle is born named Charles. There is no other record of Charna’s death, but the naming is certainly


a further confirmation, which we all strive to achieve.


On the Dutch side and they certainly came from the Iberian Peninsular and were Sephardic. I see going back father to son one is Coenraad Raphael and the son is  Raphael Coenraad. (Both are first names).


My mother and her sister (Only Two Children) are named after both grandma’s, who were still alive.


I only see very occasionally father to son with same name and it certainly makes for great confusion!


The Sephardic family names are Morpurgo, Raphael,(Ziekenoppasser), Stodel, Hollander,etc.


With kind regards to you all


Mark Paul Stone (Lichtenstein)




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On Wed, Feb 17, 2021 at 03:05 AM, Stephen Weinstein wrote:

If both parents are Ashkenazi, children are named after deceased relatives, or not named for anyone, but never named for the living

I am from an Ashkenazi family.  There are numerous amongst us (including me) named after relatives who were living, so it's important in these discussions to distinguish between what is laid out in Jewish Law and the broader possibilities that can occur in practice.

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