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Hilary Henkin

Hi Gary, have you (or Alex) tried reaching out to Wikipedia?  I believe edits to pages are tracked, and backups preserved.  They might be able to shed some light on this.

Crazy, huh --.

Hilary Henkin
Los Angeles area

On 2/17/2021 4:49 PM, Gary Pokrassa via wrote:

In the last few days, somebody methodically went through most (but NOT all) of the pages posted by Alex Krakovsky on Wikipedia and changed their URLs - everything is the same, the files are still there, but the directory "archives" became "archive" and the initial slash changed to a colon.

This renders all the links we have posted on our spreadsheets and referenced to researchers inoperative……..

I have emailed Alex K asking him:  somebody is moving all the pages on all the archives (from say “...Архіви/ДАЧкО” to “...Архів:ДАЧкО“). Do you know what is happening and why? - His answer - one word:  “No.”

I am told there was no discussion of this in JRoots nor on FB.

We have no idea why this is being done and what purpose it might accomplish but it is a fact we need to deal with, and I am now starting to get inquiries from researchers telling me they can’t find the wiki pages…..

Note that the main page referencing Jewish records can still be found atАрхіви/єврейське_містечко

We are starting the massive work to incorporate these changes in our internal spreadsheets.  If anyone has issues finding a file in the near future please contact me and I will try to help find it.--
Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division


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