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I have not been able to access the Ukraine group or the moderators for a single-person question, so I'll try here and perhaps someone will be able to guide it along.

For a book, I am seeking information on Paul CHOURAPINE, born 8 March 1901 in Odessa. In autumn 1939, he was deported from Greece to France where he joined the Foreign Legion in Marseilles. Chourapine was transferred to the 22nd RMVE, a regiment affiliated with the Legion comprised of East European Jews and Spaniards. In June 1940, Chourapine was captured by the Germans in Somme and held in the Frontstalag at Cahlons-sur-Marne. Chourapine was regarded as a White Russian but any details are unknown. His story, beyond his being held at Chalons, is unknown.

I have checked French resources (await replies from SHD Pau and Caen), a posted letter to BA Freiburg, and an email to iac@...

Many thanks

Dennis Whitehead

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