Where is 'Osernovitz, Austria'? #galicia #general

Aaron Slotnik


Seeking assistance from the map mavens out there.  I am unable to find the birth location of Benjamin Ornstein referred to in the attached US Petition for Naturalization - 'Osernovitz, Austria'.  Neither the JewishGen Shtetlseeker nor Gazeteer return likely candidates.  My initial thought was that it was Czernowitz, but the first letter is definitely an 'O' (reference the 'O' in his surname).  Nonetheless, I tried searching Czernowitz vital records indexed from there and didn't find the family.

Doing a search for the town in the JewishGen unified search did turn up a few references, but no further clues to where it is exactly or the modern name.

The town is almost certainly in Galicia, possibly in the vicinity of 'Jagielnica' (Polish spelling) where his wife was from but it could be farther afield.  I don't think this is a case of mistaken or purposefully incorrect information since I've been able to confirm a number of other facts provided through other records (although I can't find his passenger manifest, but that may be the subject of another post).

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Aaron Slotnik
Chicago, IL  USA

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