Looking for relatives of Nathan Nuson Prashker/Praszkier #poland #usa

Terry Ashton

I am looking for relatives of Nathan Nuson Prashker/Praszkier, who was born in 1865 in Zdunska Wola, Poland to Chaskiel and Hendel Praszkier (nee Tausk) and died on November 20th 1925 in New York. He arrived in the USA in 1905 and was married to Malka Prashker (nee Margulis). They had many children-Chaskiel David, Lottie (married name Lichaw), Sam, Isador, Herman, Harry, Bertha, Esther, Rose (married name Willenkin), Anna and Emma.
Nathan Nuson was the brother of my late great grandfather, Israel Prashker (1874-1950) who died in London UK. Any information would be gratefully received. Please reply directly to suzibear2@...

Ms Terry Ashton, Australia


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