Re: Please help me read this letter in Hebrew #israel #romania #translation

Mark Stone

Dear Alan,


At the bottom of your note you are researching Poilskyi, Podolia.


My grandmother was Pudalow sometimes in family Podiloff and from Ukraine.


Because of the language and limitation of available details,I know very little.


Could you be of any help!




Mark Paul Stone (Lichtenstein Warsaw over one hundred years ago)






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I've made a feeble attempt to do the names (I've skipped the prefix and some of the swirling suffixes, which I do not understand):

Right-hand column
1) אברהם חיים בארשא - Avraham Haim Bersha (probably Borsa, see
2) Also a Bersha, but I cannot make out the forename properly.
3) ונאט דנבווידר מרודאונלכלן - I cannot transliterate that to something that makes sense.
4) יוסף בר"צ ישראעלר - Yossef BRZ Yisraeler.  I think BRZ could be Son of Tziyon, but someone else will probably have a better idea.
5) יעקב פנחס שטיין מרמומונע - Yaakov Pinhas Stein, from illegible.
6) חיים בהרב"י דינדרל - Haim Baharabi Dindarel
7) נודרא משה מיוולחאוויץ - Nudra Moshe, from illegible.

Left-hand column
8) Too swirly, cannot read
9) משה חה"ר ר' דינדיל - Moshe HHR R Dindil.  Not sure about the middle initiials.
10) יוסף מהרן ברנד מווטחאוויטץ - Yossef Maharan Brand, from unsure.
11) משה אברהם הכהן מדראגמורעשט - Moshe Avraham HaCohen from Dragmoresht (,_Maramure%C8%99)
12) מרדכי סגל מסולושס - Mordekhai Segal from Soloshes(?)
13) Cannot make sense of it.

Please use the above with caution. I'm a Hebrew speaker, and am lacking in knowledge about a lot of the prefixes used and certain yiddish spellings of place names that may have been written.

Alan TANAMAN, Kfar Sava, Israel
Currently researching (1) GOLDBLATT WESTERMAN WESTERMANN in Friedrichstadt, Latvia; (2) ARONOWICZ AHARONOVIC BINDMAN in Kamianets-Podilskyi, Podolia, Ukraine; (3) TANAMAN ROSENTHAL in Warszawa, Poland; (4) KOZMINSKI RAUCH JERAMIOW LACHMAN in Koło, Poland; (5) KOSMINSKY in UK, South Africa, and Australia

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