Re: How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records #ukraine #records #russia


A little delayed in my reply. sorry. Yes, the name was Duvid. As said earlier, his spouse was Ruchel and I do not know her maiden name.

The children I am certain of are Simon (Shimon) b. July 19 1881, d. Mar 1963 in Philadelphia. Shimon was my great-grandfather. He also had a daughter, Clara (original name or DOB 1887 d unknown), Samuel (Shmuel) born in Commetoes in 1887 and died Apr 1963 (not certain where but most likely Philadelphia. Lastly, Morris (b 1/10/1892 in Commetoes and died 6/23/1959 in Philadelphia. My guess is I was also wrong on Duvid - I suppose Commetoes is the most likely place of birth.

I have run across the name Mortko but haven't been able to place him. Are you suggesting he was also Duvid's son. Lastly, I am unclear about the original comment made Ios s.o. Duvid. Was Duvid's father also Duvid?

Bob Rosenthal
Palatine, IL USA

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