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Robert Heuman

And almost all burials before 2013 are now in the international database for Jewish Cemeteries, if the individual was buried in any of the Toronto area cemeteries. I personally am now working on 2013 to the present for the last of the cemeteries that needs to be updated. That will give you the date of the funeral, place of death if that was known, and the company that did the funeral, which should aid in finding the death certificate. Death may have been outside Toronto, or even outside Canada, yet the burial would have been in Toronto or the 'GTA' as the Greater Toronto Area is known. The newest Jewish cemeteries for Toronto are all north of the city in York county, in the Vaughan area, yet are considered Toronto cemeteries. And there is actually a third funeral home, Hebrew Basic, that may have handled the funeral. - - and their web site lists all of the cemeteries.

Robert Heuman

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I have Wasserzug in my Margel family from Britain.  

I also live in Toronto and I saw that you are looking for a death certificate.  If the death was in the last 30 years or more, you can go onto the 2 burial sites, Benjamin’s park memorial Or Steeles Memorial and go into their archives. You could then request a death certificate.

Rachel Margel Steinhouse 

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