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Does anyone know whether you can get any information about divorce records from NY City without going to NYC? My grandparents divorced over 100 years ago.  If so is there a phone number since I can't find anything online.

Divorces were by borough not NYC as a whole so you need to know where it took place. A lot of divorces were done outside New York because they were easier to get in some places versus New York.

If it was in New York City, it is borough dependent if the file still exists. You would have to hire a researcher to go to the record room I believe. In Manhattan the files are stored off site and while it is not impossible to get the files it takes patience and frequent followups. A lot of the Brooklyn records are missing or were destroyed in a warehouse fire a few years ago. In Brooklyn I have been able to go to the courthouse and look at the microfiche of the index to find the case but they are filed by date and then name so it takes some hunting. Then they would let you see the minutes which in effect is an index of the case also on the microfiche. Then you have to go to the sub basement record room to request the file.

Problem is that most of the court houses are closed to the public due to the pandemic and it is unclear when they might reopen. Some of the record rooms are permitting researchers by appointment in very limited numbers.

Allan Jordan

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